3 Best Home Security Apps for Ipad

By | August 22, 2014

In todays modern age every person is equipping his home with valuable assets.It’s quite impossible to stay at home all the time.There fore it’s advisable to create an extra layer of security with some the best freely available apps.After installing these apps home owners would be able to keep a remote eye from a distance.We have listed the best 3 of these apps:

1.XFINITY Home Security

Through Xfinity you can remotely view the home’s condition easily.Arming and disarming of alarm in case of emergency is easily done through it.In addition you can save energy by turning off lights where unnecessary with the control of this app.And in case of break in,the app will send you automatic alerts.



In my opinion it’s one of the best security application out there.This app send you messages as alerts when your garage door is left open,someone has made changes to your thermostat,someone disarmed your alarm,accesses your gun or medical box and some other emergency situations.It can really come in handy in these situations.


3.Foscam Surveillance Pro

This app lets you manage all your home security cameras at once.You can access all your cameras from it and move,manage each of the camera at the same time.Also you can hear the sound through it too.With this app you can monitor each corner of your home with ease.