Premium 4K TV – Sony KD-65X9005B

By | January 9, 2015

When someone looks for the Best 4K TV in the market, its widely accepted that Sony KD-65X9005B beats its competitors to dust and stands high on the rank list. The 65-inch KD-65X9005B kicks off Sony’s second generation of Ultra-HD with a deluge of new improvements and features also including a massive price drop. The Native 4K looks pin-sharp and both the 2D and 3D up scaled Blu-rays have never looked any better. But what comes as the biggest delight are the built-in side mounted Magnetic Fluid Speakers along with sub woofers delivering brilliant sound quality.

- Best audio ever delivered from a flat TV
- Spectacular 2D picture quality
- Great value considering 4K standards
- Supports 2.0 HDMI
- Supports 4K Netflix streams

- Quite expensive
- Lacks 4OD and ITV player
- 3D is not good, at least not as good as 2D
- With presets, the dynamic contrast engines goes way too far

The immediately recognizable feature on the first eye-inspection is that the TV is big, Really big. The general obsession for super skinny screen frames has been smashed down with the size 12 boot of brezel which appears to extend miles beyond the expected screen size in order to make room for the 6 front speakers, 3 on either side. And this is not all about the speakers, the speakers are also provided fair amount of depth, thanks to the wedge design of Sony. With all these space consuming features, the Sony KD-65X90005B might represent a massive chunk of AV real estate for your living room to accommodate. But here’s the crucial word, personally we think the Sony KD-55X9000A is a lovely looking piece. 

The bold contrasts between the silver and the side panels and the deep black of everything else, the way the speakers are fitted into the front plate, the plate wrapping finely around the top edge, the circular accents provided cutely over the speakers, everything adds to the looks of the TV which is sure to dominate any living room. 

The rear looks tidy by having provided with a port replicator. This is an external box which mirrors all the inputs present on the TV so that you can easily funnel all of your sources to the TV through a single cable. There is a plastic cover that is neatly placed over the connections zone, allowing you to hide the usual unwanted cable spaghetti. 

The Bottom Line: 
As far as the picture quality is considered, Sony’s KD-65X9005B produces stunning images, not just with UltraHD video, but also with HD broadcasts and Blu-rays. The sound quality is of top quality, thanks to its meaty speakers. The 3D performance, chunky design and the smart TV system could be better. Despite these weakness, this is yet one another very impressive product from Sony and can be fairly called “The Best 4K TV”.