Why is domain registration important

By | August 22, 2014

Domain registration refers to the process of simply registering an ip address based name which can be a brand name or more than a name.The domain provider who will process the registration is known as the registrant.Most famous of all domain extensions are .com and .net.

In today’s information based world it’s pretty impossible to continue with out an online presence.As a resultĀ  more and more business’ are turning their attention towards online expansion.The best way to get your name out in online is through a website.And to make a website first you need to register a domain,this domain is the name of your website.The domain could reflect directly your business,brand name or so on.

It has been seen in statistics that business with online websites are much more likely to get business than their competitors without websites.because now a days whenever people needs something they go into search engines like Google,Yahoo to find out their needs solution provider and who are providing them.So if you droop out here and it will continue daily bringing in a big loss for you all together.

So you may have got and idea about the importance of websites and domains by now.Don’t miss out the opportunity to grow in the online information age.