Premium 4K TV – Sony KD-65X9005B

When someone looks for the Best 4K TV in the market, its widely accepted that Sony KD-65X9005B beats its competitors to dust and stands high on the rank list. The 65-inch KD-65X9005B kicks off Sony’s second generation of Ultra-HD with a deluge of new improvements and features also including a massive price drop. The Native… Read More »

The In-depth Guide on Hybrid Cloud Computing

Cloud computing may be a new technology, but companies have embraced it to streamline their operations. It is due to this uptake that cloud computing providers are also working on this technology to come up its variations that are tailored to meet their customers’ needs. One such variant is the hybrid cloud. So what exactly… Read More »

Simulators for nurses coming soon

Once it was only the pilots who trained inside the simulator to learn flying a plane.Now in India,Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras and alumni of National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad and Chandigarh Art College has joined to make simulators for nurse so that they can practice post surgery cardiac care.       The… Read More »

Why is domain registration important

Domain registration refers to the process of simply registering an ip address based name which can be a brand name or more than a name.The domain provider who will process the registration is known as the registrant.Most famous of all domain extensions are .com and .net. In today’s information based world it’s pretty impossible to… Read More »

3 Best Home Security Apps for Ipad

In todays modern age every person is equipping his home with valuable assets.It’s quite impossible to stay at home all the time.There fore it’s advisable to create an extra layer of security with some the best freely available apps.After installing these apps home owners would be able to keep a remote eye from a distance.We… Read More »